Some Mocked




Paul in his address to the men of Athens ended it by declaring the resurrection of Christ. (Acts 17:31) As was always the case when Paul preached, he received a mixed reaction from the people. In fact, this is always the case when men preach God’s truth.


First, there were some who mocked. The very idea of a man being raised from the dead was foolishness to those learned men of Athens. Even today men continue to mock the teachings of the Bible. But we must never let that deter us. We must never be ashamed of God’s word.


Second, while some mocked, others said, “We will hear thee again on this matter.” These had an open mind. They were willing to give Paul a fair hearing. The same is true today. Many people have a closed mind to the truth but there are those who have an open mind.


Each of us should determine in our hearts to never be discouraged because there are still people who are open to God’s word.