The Answer Is Jesus

A friend of mine recently attended a seminar for physicians, government leaders, and social scientists to discuss strategies for resolving several of the nation’s growing problems: (1) violent sex crimes, (2) drug abuse, and (3) AIDS. Many approaches were discussed including: (1) sex education, (2) funding of assistance-based organizations, (3) stricter laws, (4) legalization of drugs, and (5) more government control of medical services, relief organizations and education. At one time or another in some part of the world all of these have been tried, and the problems are not resolved. What can be done? My friend was asked his opinion. He was surprised. He was only a simple gospel preacher. He did not hesitate to offer the only answer he believed to be effective.

His answer was just one word, “Jesus.” He didn’t know how the audience of over 1,500 professionals would react. The result was unexpected. They applauded and stood out of respect for the simple answer of this humble servant of God.

His answer is correct. God’s Word clearly supports his answer. The hope of the world is Jesus. Jesus calls us to Him and offers rest and relief (Matthew 11:28-30). The Bible is filled with instructions for following Jesus and receiving the blessings of God. The apostle John states in I John 5:4,5 that we can overcome the world with our faith in Jesus.

Our problems can be solved if we allow Jesus         to lead us. Do you know Jesus and follow Him   faithfully? The Bible tells us how to do this.

Wayne Barrier (TVOTI Vol 82)