The Other Ethiopian

Do you remember the Ethiopian eunuch? You may be thinking about the man in Acts 8 who was studying from the prophet Isaiah when Phillip ran to catch up to his chariot (Acts 8:27-30). Phillip “preached Jesus to him,” and he was immediately baptized (Acts 8:35, 38). We recall his willingness and desire to obey, faithful confession, and immersion in water.

But do you remember the other Ethiopian eunuch? In the Old Testament book of Jeremiah, we read about a man named Ebed-melech. He never confessed Jesus and was never baptized, but he is remembered in scripture for our learning and benefit. This other Ethiopian eunuch cared for the helpless, demonstrated compassion, and showed extraordinary kindness to Jeremiah.

This morning we will take a closer look at a man we may not remember but whose story is provided to teach us many valuable lessons.

Matt Langfield