They ______ Because of Me

“And they were glorifying God because of me.” Those are the words that Paul wrote in Galatians 1:24, and they carry quite a bit of meaning. Because of Paul’s actions, speech, and interaction with others, people were “glorifying God” – could the same be said about us?

The way we live our lives has the power to influence others. The words we choose to speak, the tone that we speak those words with, the comments/shares/likes that we leave on Facebook, the kindness or impatience we demonstrate, the gospel message that we hold onto or share freely can all powerfully influence the people around us. Our lives can motivate others to embrace or even to reject God.

This week, let’s try to be especially mindful of our actions and ask ourselves, as often as we can: Will what I’m about to do glorify God? Will what I’m about to say glorify God? Will my actions or my words cause others to glorify God? We have a powerful influence on the world, and if we are not influencing those around us to glorify and praise God in heaven, what are we influencing them to do?

Matt Langfield