Two Promises

The Bible is divided into two distinct parts. The Old Testament (Genesis – Malachi) begins with creation and records the history of God’s people up to around 400 years before the birth of Jesus. The New Testament (Matthew – Revelation) begins with the genealogy and birth
of Jesus and concludes ninety years or so later. Throughout the Bible, we read of God’s love for His people, demonstrated by His blessings and His “precious and magnificent promises” (2 Peter 1:4).

In the Old Testament, the greatest promise was of a coming Messiah. One day, God’s “Anointed” would reign as King, sitting on an eternal throne, bringing “salvation” to His people (Psalm 2:1-12; Isaiah 9:6-7; Zechariah 9:9). This incredible promise from God gave comfort to a nation for centuries. Eventually, Jesus fulfilled this prophetic promise, as He “became flesh, and dwelt among us” (John 1:14).

Today, our promise from God is better and gives even greater comfort. God’s promise to us is not that an Anointed King or Messiah will come, but that He will return (John 14:1-3). God’s promise to us is not that we can look forward to physical victory as a nation but eternal spiritual victory as His people. Today, our promise is better.

Matt Langfield