By Neal Pollard


They both had a mole next to one eye and a scar on the left wrist. They lived 54 miles apart, one in Brookville and the other in Mooresville, Indiana. It was said they were practically identical twins. For notorious bank robber John Dillinger, that was no problem. But, for upstanding Ralph Alsman, it was a nightmare. Alsman was arrested 17 times and shot 11 times. Only when the real Dillinger was gunned down in 1934 did the unbelievable saga end for Alsman.


Who or what would people mistake us for? As we live out our lives before the world, waiting in lines or in traffic, when under pressure at work, as people mistreat or frustrate us, judging from our relationships, our ethics, and our morality, would people say that we strongly resemble Jesus? He is supposed to be living in us (Gal. 2:20).


Every day, we want to look more like Jesus. We should want people to see Him when they look at us.