Vacation Bible School Success!

Thank you to everyone who helped make our VBS a phenomenal success! We had 35 students by the end of the week, 22 of which were NOT from North Main, and 124 in attendance on Wednesday night! Lessons were taught and applied, songs were learned and sung, crafts were carefully (and quickly) made and taken home, and friendships were created and strengthened. Our children and their friends know more about God and how He works than they did just seven days ago.

Was it all worth it? Incredible amounts of effort, planning, time, resources, and energy went into making our VBS the success it was, but was it all worth it? Yes! Every morning when returning families dropped their kids off and allowed us to teach them more about God, the question was answered. Each day as the kids walked into the auditorium and their eyes lit up, seeing rolling green hills, countless sheep, a life-sized Goliath, or King David’s throne room, the value of VBS became clear. On Wednesday night, as we spent hours getting to know parents and grandparents we would not otherwise meet, we realized the positive result of our efforts.

Are we willing? We cannot deny the value of VBS and the work that goes into it, but are we willing to do that work? Are we willing to do it all again next year? Are you and I willing to give up some (maybe more) of our time and energy during the frantic days leading up to VBS, doing what is needed to make the most of this incredible opportunity?

If we are going to continue and to grow our Vacation Bible School, we need more effort, planning, time, resources, and energy…will we be willing? I hope that all of us will answer YES!

Matt Langfield