The Old Testament gives us writings of prophets who spoke of a coming Messiah but also tells of false prophets who spoke against God. In 2 Peter 2, Peter warns that in the same way that “false prophets…arose among the people,” false teachers will arise among the church (2:1). More than just a cautious warning by an overprotective apostle, this is, in fact, an inspired prophecy.
False teachers will come from within the church. As sad as it may be, Peter writes that they will be “among you” and teaches that they were at one time, faithful Christians (2:1).
False teachers will deny God. Peter writes that they will deny “the Master who bought them” (2:1). Although pur- chased out of the bondage of sin, the time will come when some deny God.
False teachers will entice others. The warning becomes even more grave when Peter tells us that “many will follow” their teachings and “because of them the way of the truth will be maligned” (2:2).
As dangerous as his warning is, Peter also provides comfort, reminding us that just as God saved Noah and Lot, He will rescue us (2:5-9). 2 Peter 2 not only gives an inspired warn- ing, it gives an inspired promise, “the Lord knows how to res- cue the godly…” (2:9).

Matt Langfield