What Changed?


The book of Acts records the beginnings of the church. In chapter 13, Paul delivers the gospel message to a group which is gathered to worship God, and the reaction of some is remarkable, especially when compared to our reactions today.

As Paul concludes and leaves the assembly, “the people kept begging” him to return and speak the following week (42). Paul accepts the invitation, and we read that “nearly the whole city assembles to hear the word of the Lord” (44). After “Paul and Barnabas [speak] out boldly,” the crowd begins “rejoicing and glorifying the word of the Lord” (48). As the chapter concludes we read that these new Christians “were continually filled with joy” (52).

How does this compare to our attitudes and actions toward the word of God today? Would we ever beg to hear a message from God’s word? Do we leave a study of God’s word and eagerly invite our neighbors to join us? Does a bold sermon cause us to rejoice and fill us with joy continually?

We need to be as excited about the word of God as the Christians we read about in the Bible, remembering that Christ was raised from the dead and that through Him we have the forgiveness of sins (37-38).

Matt Langfield