What One Visit Did

This is a true story. One Sunday several years ago, a couple attended a service of the West Dearborne, Michigan congregation. For some reason they were not impressed with the service and planned to go to a denominational church the following Sunday. They had no intentions of returning to West Dearborne.


However, on Friday evening of that week, two men from the congregation visited in the home of this couple. These men had no idea of the good they were doing. The people were so grateful for the visit they decided to return the following Sunday. They did and kept on coming. A short time later they were both baptized into Christ.


This man and woman are pillars in the Lord’s church in a distant city. It would be impossible to calculate the tremendous good they have done during the years since they were converted in West Dearborne.


Now why were they converted? Their salvation and all the good they have done since hinged upon one visit that seemed insignificant at the time. That call you will make (or neglect to make) this week might be just as important.