The Wonderful Word of God 1 Peter 1:22-25

As Peter provides comfort and reassurance to 1st century Christians (and to us today), he reminds them of just how wonderful God’s word is.

It Purifies: In 1 Peter 1:22, he explains that by “obedience to the truth,” our souls are purified. When we obey God’s word, our souls are cleansed. The spiritual stain that sin causes in the hearts and lives of men is removed when God’s word is obeyed.

It Gives Life: In 1 Peter 1:23, he writes that “through the living and enduring word of God” we have been born again. Through our obedience to God’s word, we receive spiritual and even eternal life.

It Is Eternal: In 1 Peter 1:25, he declares that “the word of the Lord endures forever.” The word of God cannot be destroyed, it has always been, and it will always be.

I have often failed to recall the purifying, life-giving, eternal nature of the word of God, which I am able to not only hold in my hands but bury in my heart. By inspiration, Peter wrote, “this is the word which was preached to you…Stand firm in it!” (1 Peter 1:25; 5:12).

Matt Langfield