World English Institute

For those of us who have access to a computer, there is an opportunity for international evangelism.  World English Institute has been operating since 1990 and is now so very convenient—no mailing necessary—it is now accomplished online.

Billions of people worldwide yearn to learn English and this website uses the Bible to teach grammar and, of course, God’s truths. The lessons are graded by the system and your job is just to respond to their answers to the two or three thought questions.  First, if they have an incorrect view of the Bible lesson, help them understand what the Bible actually says.  Second, help them write their answers in understandable English sentences.

If this is of interest to you and oh, what an opportunity it is, visit This site has links to WEI’s quarterly newsletter, other newsletters related to mission sites all over the world, teacher tips, and other WEI-related links which you might find interesting and helpful.

You will also find information about this website on our bulletin board in the hall.