Is It Wrong to Take a Little Social Drink?

(Taken from the December 28, 1975 Bulletin)

This reminds me of dear old brother J.D. Tant’s answer to a similar question. He said “I suppose it is no more sin to drink a little that it is to steal a little, or cuss a little, or lie a little, or whop your wife a little, or even kill a man a little!” The question is asked many times: What is wrong with a social drink? Brethren, what would you think of the preacher, or elders, or deacons would take a social drink with the rest in town? Are there two standards? The man who wants to take a “social drink” should stop long enough to think what effect his example will have pon another who sees him. It cannot be wrong to refuse a social drink, and surely there is no reason for thinking that anyone will be won to the Lord or encouraged in his effort to live right by seeing you do such a thing. This is a very popular thing for the people of the world to do at this time of year. I am sorry that we have some in the church that will take part in such. This is one thing we should not have a problem with now or any other time of the year. The Lord said, “Let you light so shine.”