The paper House to House/Heart to Heart arrived this week.  If you would like a copy, there are some in the rack behind the bulletins.  After you have read it, perhaps you could share it with a friend.

This little paper is part of our effort to reach the community with the gospel.  This issue will be mailed to 1000+ of our neighbors.  Each issue will contain a lead front page article as well as other instructive information.  Also, each issue will offer a Bible Correspondence Course and other interesting material. Pray that this outreach effort will reach the right people.

Also, in an effort to reach people with the truth, we are planning to bring in a young man to work with us for a few days.  This young man, Chad, has been very successful in mission work both overseas and in the states.  We are hoping to be able to arrange for him to come and help us.

If you have any good ideas about how we might be more effective in evangelism, please let the elders know.