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  • The Gospel Minutes and Evangelism

    The elders have decided to use The Gospel Minutes as a part of our local evangelistic outreach. The plan will go like this: First, we will select a number of […]


    The church at Thessalonica got off to a rocky start. The two missionaries, Paul and Silas, who first preached in their city had to flee by night because of persecution. […]


    Christians are always at war but it’s not carnal warfare. Rather it is a battle for the minds and hearts of men.   Paul put it this way: “The weapons of […]

  • The Un-churched

        In Antioch of Pisidia when the Jews, after hearing the gospel message, began to speak against the things spoken by him, Paul said to them, “It was necessary […]

  • House To House Heart to Heart

          The latest edition of House to House has been mailed to a 1000+ homes in our community. This paper is a part of our evangelist outreach to […]


      The paper House to House/Heart to Heart arrived this week.  If you would like a copy, there are some in the rack behind the bulletins.  After you have read it, […]

  • 3 Reasons to Attend our Gospel Meeting

    Some look forward to gospel meetings and attend every service. Others seem not to care and make little effort to attend. Perhaps the difference is a failure to appreciate the […]

  • House to House/Heart to Heart

        Have you ever seen the publication called “House to House/Heart to Heart?” It is a paper to be used as an outreach to communities throughout the USA. It […]

  • Ready Answer #2

        One practice that distinguishes us from other churches is the fact that we do not use an instrument of music in our worship services. Often times in a […]

  • Focused Evangelism

          There must have been a large crowd gathered in the Areopagus in the city of Athens that day about two thousand years ago when the apostle Paul […]