Have you ever been troubled in your heart? Have you ever experienced a physical illness or the illness of a loved one? The problems of life and daily living can many times overwhelm us to the point of being discouraged and even despondent.

When our Lord was in His human state upon this old earth, He was readily sensitive to the pain people experienced both mentally and physically. When Jairus’ daughter died, Jesus cared (Matthew 9:18-19; Mark 5:22-24; Luke 8:41-42). When our Lord came to the tomb of Lazarus and stood in the midst of Mary’s consoling friends, the shortest text in the Bible says, “Jesus wept” (John 11:35). In anticipation of His own suffering, and death upon the cross, our Lord found time to reach out to His apostles in loving reassurance. He was aware of their impending sorrow and lovingly said to them, “Let not your heart be troubled….”(John 14:1).

How does the Lord, who deeply cares for each one of us (1 Peter 5:7), instruct us how to deal with the troubles of this life? Does He recommend denial, a type of dishonest pretension that “all is well?” Does He urge us to escape the trials and problems of this life in drugs, alcohol, pleasure, or even suicide? Does He tell us to be pessimistic, even cynical about life becoming bitter, critical, caustic, and blaming? The answer, of course, is no! We have a loving Savior who can take the troubles that His children experience (John 16:33) and providentially work everything out for their good and benefit (Romans 8:28). Let us as the Lord’s people receive and believe Peter’s instructions to “cast all of your care upon Him, for he careth for you” (1 Peter 5:7).