Tag: Salvation


    It is not uncommon to hear a person tell his story of conversion. Once, while sitting at the counter in a restaurant, a man told me his story. He was […]

  • A Religious Curve Ball

    Many times a batter has swung the bat in a smooth even swing at what seemed like a sure hit only to miss the ball completely. What happened? The pitcher […]

  • Faith or Baptism, Which?

          There are a number of passages of scripture which connect faith with salvation from sin. For example, the gospel “Is the power of God unto salvation to […]

  • No Sinner’s Prayer

        The way to obtain salvation in many denominations is by praying the sinner’s prayer. Each “Sinner’s Prayer” varies in detail, but they put forth the same idea: that […]

  • The Power of Sin

          While sin is something people do, it is also a power in one’s life that takes over, controls and eventually brings ruin.   People who are living […]

  • Philip’s Invitation

    Phillip is included in the list of disciples in Matthew, Mark, and Luke but other than that they tell us nothing about him. It is in the Gospel of John […]

  • Putting On Christ

        We become children of God by faith in Jesus Christ but not apart from putting on Christ in baptism. The two are inseparably connected in scripture: “For ye […]

  • Ready Answer #1

        It is not uncommon for our friends to ask us a religious question. Sometimes they are seeking information, at other times they are trying to make a point. […]