The Cemetery

In 1957, when the North Main Street Church of Christ began as a outgrowth of the Jericho church of Christ, it was understood that members of both congregations would be buried in the cemetery at Jericho and that the two congregations would share in the upkeep expense. This worked well until recent years when the cemetery began to be full. Fortunately, members of the Jericho church donated land to the church to be used for a new cemetery.


We have been invited to share in the use and expenses of this new cemetery. The expense for each congregation will be in proportion to the size of each. Therefore, we will be responsible for 1/3 of the expense.

In order to cover the expense, we are giving everyone an opportunity to contribute whatever they can. You may give your check or money to Phil Forrest or one of the other elders. We would like to have this done by February 16 so that work may begin in the spring. Further details will be given at the end of services today.