The Gospel Minutes and Evangelism

The elders have decided to use The Gospel Minutes as a part of our local evangelistic outreach. The plan will go like this: First, we will select a number of households in the community and have The Gospel Minutes sent to them for two or three months. Second, toward the end of that period we will contact those who have been receiving it to see if they have been reading it and would like to continue. Third, those who are not interested will be dropped and those who are interested will be put on a more permanent mailing list. Fourth, we will then continue to make contact from time to time with those who have shown an interest. Fifth, we will then begin the whole process over again.

What is your part in this work? First, you may have the name and address of someone who is not a member of the church that you would like to receive The Gospel Minutes. Then, at the end of the two or three month period you would be expected to contact them to see if they are reading it and would like to continue. This then would be a permanent contact for you. You may want to discuss some of the important articles in different issues. Second, since many of those who will be on our mailing list will be unknown to us, we will need volunteers to contact them. If you would feel comfortable doing this, let the elders know.

Be sure to include this new work in your prayers.