Do you know…


… the phrase “separation of church and state” does not appear in the Constitution or any other founding document?


… our Founding Fathers were not deists or pluralists; but instead were Bible-believing men who prayed and gave thanks to God publicly?


… that every original state preamble referenced God?


… the Massachusetts state constitution still states that it is the “duty of all men to worship the Supreme Being?”


… that early public school text books included the following statements: (1) God has made two great lights, the sun and the moon. (2) It is a solemn thing to die and appear before God. (3) Prayer is a duty. (4) It was once a practice in France to divorce for incompatibility of tempers, a practice soon found to be incompatible with social order.


… that, in 1789, Congress requested the President to request the people to dedicate a day to praying to and thanking God?


… in 1811, the US Supreme Court convicted a man for blaspheming Jesus Christ and sentenced him to jail for three months and fined him $500?


… that sodomy used to be illegal in every state of the country, was punishable by death in four states, and continued to be illegal in some states until the US Supreme Court struck down such laws in 2003?                              

These are just a very few of the many proofs of our Christian heritage that are offered by church of Christ preacher Dave Miller in “The Silencing of God” DVD. If you want to know more about the attempts to remove God and Christianity from our history and the modern day secularization of our nation, this DVD will interest and inform you. A copy is located on the bookcase in the front lobby if you wish to borrow and view it.