Author: Cindy Brown

  • More Than a Meal

    One of the most unique and important blessings of living a Christian life is fellowship. More than a meal we might share, the word “fellowship” is used in the Bible […]

  • The Other Ethiopian

    Do you remember the Ethiopian eunuch? You may be thinking about the man in Acts 8 who was studying from the prophet Isaiah when Phillip ran to catch up to […]

  • The First Converts to Christ

    In Acts 2, Peter preached to thousands of Jewish people. His sermon perfectly explained who Jesus was, why He came, and what He accomplished while He was here. Peter also […]

  • New Every Morning

    With a new year comes excitement—new experiences, challenges, and goals. As the calendar changes, we can easily remember the past and anxiously look forward to the future. A new year […]

  • A Very Special Day

    Today is special. On this day, we gather together with people we love, share important memories from the past, and enjoy wonderful gifts. It is a day that most of […]

  • A Change of Plans

    Would you describe yourself as a planner? Maybe you plan for the day every morning or a week of meals before heading to the grocery store. Perhaps you have planned […]

  • Caring for the Kingdom

    In Matthew 6:33, Jesus said, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Jesus is preaching during His sermon on the […]

  • Saul Before Paul

    Saul (later known as Paul) was a diligent persecutor of the church (Acts 8:3). While we do not know all that he did to punish Christians and attempt to destroy […]

  • The Conversion of Cornelius

    After years of teaching the gospel to the Jewish people, God instructed Peter to preach the gospel to a Roman Centurion named Cornelius. Peter was hesitant at first but eventually […]

  • Jesus, the Bible, and the Church

    Every night as my children and I say our prayers together, my five-year-old son includes the words “Thank you for Jesus, and the Bible, and the church.” While I know […]