Apostolic Authority

The apostles were a unique group of men sent into the world with an extraordinary message. In 2 Peter 1, Peter explains to the early church just how unique they were, and from where that message came.

The apostles saw Christ. They were “eyewitnesses” of His majesty, His power, and divine authority, and watched as He received “glory from God the Father” (1:16-17).

The apostles heard God’s voice (1:17-18). At the transfiguration (Matt. 17:1-13), these men heard God speak from heaven and claim Jesus as His own Son.

The apostles were “moved by the Holy Spirit” (1:21). The words they spoke and wrote, the teachings they taught, and the ministry they practiced came from God via the Holy Spirit of God.

The apostles were not perfect men, but they were sent into the world to preach and teach a message of salvation having seen, heard, and been moved by God. They were commissioned for this work by the Son, by the Father, and by the Holy Spirit. Not only do we see the completeness of God’s perfect design, in choosing men and preparing them in the way that He did, we also see how unique the apostles truly were.

Matt Langfield