Author: Matt Langfield

  • Arguing with God

    Arguing is generally a bad idea that the Bible cautions us against (Philippians 2:14, Titus 2:9). While at times it is appropriate to “argue” as we reason through God’s word […]

  • Steadfast Hope

    In his first letter to the Thessalonians, Paul states that he is thankful to God for their “steadfastness of hope” (1 Thessalonians 1:2-3). Paul describes their hope, or confident expectation […]

  • God’s Law

    God’s instructions and spiritual requirements for mankind are often broken down into three different dispensations or periods of time. From the beginning, men and women lived under the “Patriarchal Age.” […]

  • God’s Timing is Perfect

    When Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers (Genesis 37), he could have described the timing as less than ideal. He had intended to return to his father, but […]

  • How Humble Are We?

    Throughout God’s word, the themes of pride and humility come up over and over again. Pride is sin, while humility is necessary to be pleasing to God (James 4:6). Because […]

  • Perfect Fatherly Advice

    Giving good advice is a God-given responsibility of fathers (and mothers). God has charged parents to raise, guide, and lead their children into adulthood (Proverbs 22:6). Thankfully, we have several […]

  • Nahum’s God

    The first chapter of the book of Nahum describes God’s unique nature and incredible power. Nahum directs his prophecy and warning toward the city of Nineveh, a declaration of their […]

  • Pride Brings Destruction

    The Old Testament book of Obadiah has only one chapter but still teaches a powerful lesson. Obadiah’s prophecy focuses on the arrogance of the Edomites and reminds us that pride […]

  • The Day of the Lord is Coming!

    In the  Old Testament book of Joel, God speaks through His prophet to the people of Israel during a time of great suffering. A plague of locusts has devastated their […]

  • Every Sunday

    Today may feel a little different from other Sundays. The blooming flowers outside make it clear that spring has arrived, baskets filled with goodies may have been waiting for young […]