How To: Share the Gospel

Most Christians seem to struggle with how to share the gospel. It can be intimidating to start a conversation or to discuss another person’s beliefs. While Paul was in Athens (Acts 17), he demonstrated how easy sharing God’s word can be.

Paul seized the opportunity. He was in Athens during what we might describe as a layover. He could have chosen to rest and recharge his batteries or see the sights, but instead, he spoke about God. Paul went to the marketplace daily and reasoned “with those who happened to be present” (Acts 17:16-17). Because he talked about something “new,” people were curious to hear more. 

Paul spoke with kindness. As he stood before the most educated men of Athens, he started his sermon with a compliment. They were religiously pagan and worshiped thousands of different idols…Paul still began with a compliment. They had never heard of Jesus or the gospel; they had not grown up in the church or darkened the door of a church building…and Paul chose to speak to them with kindness. 

Paul answered their questions. The men he spoke to were interested in religious things but did not have all the answers. Paul was determined not to point out their error but to fill the gaps in their spiritual knowledge.

The result of Paul’s efforts was that “some men joined him and believed” (Acts 17:34). All of us are commanded to share the gospel, and by following Paul’s example, we can more easily obey that command. 

Matt Langfield